David Zwirner

The head of a New York, London and soon-to-be Hong Kong gallery empire

In addition to representing contemporary heavyweights such as Yayoi Kusama, Neo Rauch and Wolfgang Tillmans, Zwirner continues to hoover up artist estates: that of Felix Gonzalez-Torres (co-represented by 
Andrea Rosen) being his most significant gain this year. A New York show of Gonzalez-Torres’s work was, like so many others the gallery puts on, worthy of any museum. In February Pulitzer-winning critic Hilton Als curated a show of work by Alice Neel, and the gallery’s interest in writers and writing was further reflected in the latest offers from Zwirner Books, among those French art-historian Jean-Claude Lebensztejn’s Pissing Figures, a history of urinators in artworks through the ages. Outside the US, a new space in Hong Kong launches in 2018, while in London the gallery gave exhibitions to artists not (yet) on the roster, including octogenarian British painter Rose Wylie and young Brazilian artist Lucas Arruda. No wonder Zwirner invested in Arta,
 a price comparison startup for art shipping.