Delfina Entrecanales

Patron of artists from Latin America and the MENASA region

From the late 1980s to the early 2000s, Spanish-born Entrecanales and her then-husband, Digby Squires, ran the the Delfina Studio Trust, providing studios for a generation of British artists, as well as an international residency programme. When the couple separated, the studios remained with Squires. Entrecanales’s patronage entered a lull, until a friend took her on a trip to Syria. 

In 2007, the Delfina Foundation in its current incarnation, with a residency programme that supports artists and curators from all over the world, but with a particular focus on Latin America and the MENASA region, was born. And while the base is in London, the partnerships Entrecanales and foundation director Aaron Cezar have formed – with institutions and initiatives in Brazil, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, the UAE and Mexico – and the international nature of the artists supported (at the time of writing, the foundation is hosting a curator and artists from Mumbai, Istanbul, Berlin, Amman and São Paulo) mean that the patron’s influence is global.