Eugenio López

Collector and founder of the largest private museum in Latin America

An art collection – and the museum that holds it – should be a portal for future generations to access our own age, López says. Whether Museo Jumex offers that is yet to be seen: 2015 was a tumultuous year that saw accusations of censorship at the newly opened museum and the departure of its inaugural director. In the absence of a replacement being named, chief curator Julieta González continues to serve as interim director. It was perhaps an odd move too for a Mexican institution to take on a Guggenheim-curated touring show on Latin American art (Pablo León de la Barra’s Under the Same Sun), and the homegrown The Natural Order of Things received mixed reviews. Hosting solo shows for Jose Dávila and Walid Raad points to a welcome direction, however, for the man who remains one of Latin America’s most important collectors.