Felipe Dmab, Pedro Mendes & Matthew Wood

Codirectors of Mendes Wood DM gallery

There were plenty of new faces this year at Mendes Wood DM’s three spaces. The Egyptian-Canadian artist Anna Boghiguian exhibited for the first time with the gallery at its original location in São Paulo; Giangiacomo Rossetti has a solo show at its Brussels townhouse in November, where he will also curate a selection of work by Amadeo Luciano Lorenzato (the gallery debuted the twentieth-century Brazilian painter’s landscapes at its New York gallery in January). Sticking with painting, Caracas-born, Grenada-raised Alvaro Barrington and American Henry Taylor also joined the gallery this year in something like a swap deal: Mendes Wood DM’s Paloma Bosquê will return the favour with a show at Barrington and Taylor’s North American representatives Blum and Poe next year. The trio’s commitment to creating new networks was equally apparent in their takeover of Thomas Dane’s Naples outpost in September.