Felipe Dmab, Pedro Mendes & Matthew Wood

Codirectors of Mendes Wood DM gallery

Back when it was an exclusively São Paulo-based outfit, the trio’s modus operandi for Mendes Wood DM was to represent young Brazilian artists, and occasionally do shows with international visitors. They’ve had a full year to settle into the Brussels outpost they opened in 2017, which, along with their continued presence in New York, has signalled a slight shift in direction. Three new artists, none of them Brazilian, have entered the family: Antwerp-based Nigerian Otobong Nkanga (who debuted a show in Brussels in September), Berlin-based Swede Nina Canell (who showed in São Paulo at the tail end of last year) and Guatemalan Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa. Their artist list is beginning to match the internationalism of the three-strong gallery network, but bringing younger Brazilian artists to overseas attention remains the heft of their work: Lucas Arruda, the gallery’s breakout star, made shows for both their South American and European spaces.