Franco Noero & Pierpaolo Falone

Turin-based gallerists with a talent for combining national and international artists, and commerce and credibility

Franco Noero has an artist list most galleries would kill for: from Mike Nelson, Simon Starling and Jason Dodge to Tom Burr, Lara Favaretto and Francesco Vezzoli, the Turinese dealers superbly balance international and Italian talent, commerciality and cred. Nor, their rooting in Turin says a little swaggeringly, do they need to be in Milan or Rome to do it. 

This year, while their artists smoothly scooped up kunsthalle shows and studded biennales, the gallery’s directors opened a new, bigger space to showcase them at home: a Flavio Albanese-converted 600sqm former factory building with a big central skylight, inaugurated with a show by Gabriel Kuri. A section of the gallery, meanwhile, has been given over to nonprofit and publishing enterprises. Noero and Falone mean business, clearly, but it’s their consistently excellent taste and adventurism that makes Noero one of Italy’s most vital galleries.