Hyun-Sook Lee

Seoul-based gallerist

‘I think today the binary between “Korean” and “non-Korean” [art] no longer exists,’ Lee told Ocula last summer. Kukje Gallery, which she founded back in 1982, has been instrumental in the reemergence of the Dansaekhwa group of Korean monochromists – among them Lee Ufan, Park Seo Bo and Yun Hyong-keun – who now pepper the programmes of many of her international colleagues, but it’s a younger generation of Korean artists, such as Park Chan-kyong and the increasingly ubiquitous Haegue Yang, who have represented the gallery’s ambitions in recent times. That’s not to say that the gallery is only about pushing Korean artists to global recognition: with Roni Horn, Paul McCarthy, Byron Kim and Michael Joo all having solo shows in Seoul over the past 12 months, Kukje lives up to its international promise. It’s no surprise then that it continues to grow: this August it opened F1963, an outpost (in addition to its three gallery spaces in Seoul) in a former wire factory in Busan.