Isa Genzken

Mainstay artist and an enduring influence on younger generations

When Isa Genzken tells us to Make Yourself Pretty!, ArtReview reaches obediently for the powder compact, no questions asked. This emphatically titled exhibition – near double the size of the artist’s 2013 MoMA retrospective – came courtesy of Beatrix Ruf last December, a year after taking the helm of Amsterdam’s Stedelijk Museum. Long a champion of Genzken’s, this was the show in which the curator nailed her colours to the mast of that venerable institution. This April the show travelled to Berlin amid much homecoming fanfare. New York’s not forgotten Genzken quite yet, though: over the summer the artist’s nine-metre-high Two Orchids blossomed in Central Park. As for her influence on the coming generation? A quick spin around this year’s Turner Prize nominees turns up enigmatic assemblages, animistic concrete forms, urban detritus, weird clothing, New York pop culture – Genzken everywhere, in other words, peeping around the edges.