Jason, Jennifer, Mera & Don Rubell

The collectors family

The Rubell Family Collection strives to be the largest in private hands, with the family orchestrating not just exhibitions at their 45,000 sq ft Miami foundation space, but travelling shows that tour the smaller US museums – all consisting solely of works they own. One such example is the critically lauded 30 Americans, which debuted at the Miami space during Art Basel Miami Beach (an event that the Rubells were instrumental in bringing to the city) in 2008, but is currently at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, in Washington, DC.

Don and Mera have passed the art bug to their children – Time Capsule, a display of works from Jason’s collection (acquired, incredibly, when he was between the ages of thirteen and twenty-one, and first staged as part of his college thesis at Duke University in 1991), was on view at the family space during last year’s Art Basel Miami Beach, while Jennifer is an increasingly prominent artist in her own right. A solo show of her sculpture practice was on view at Stephen Friedman Gallery in London (complete with a lifesize waxwork of groom-to-be Prince William) earlier this year, while her food-filled performance Made in Texas debuted at Dallas Contemporary in September.