Jeff Koons

Omnipresent neoliberal Pop artist and 'Balloon Dog' millionaire

Coinciding with his 60th birthday, Koons’s major touring retrospective in 2014–15 marked a milestone in the multimillionaire artist’s career, but it hasn’t meant he’s been in any less demand since. In 2016 Damien Hirst honoured him with a five-month showcase of works from his own collection at his Newport Street Gallery in London. It was also Koons whom Almine Rech chose to inaugurate her new London gallery in Mayfair this October, with works from his series of Gazing Ball paintings. For those with smaller budgets, Koons also collaborated with Google to create a series of $40 phone cases. Allegations that Koons laid off 14 staff from his New York studio for attempting to unionise circulated in the summer, without conclusion, and in December 2015 a lawsuit (not the first) was filed against him for copyright infringement on a photograph appropriated without permission. Whatever the outcome, no doubt Koons will come out smiling.