José Kuri & Mónica Manzutto

Founders of Kurimanzutto Gallery, Mexico City

A relatively low-key year for the husband-and-wife gallerists – if turning Kurimanzutto, their Mexico City space, into a fully functioning grocery can be considered retiring. That project, by Gabriel Orozco, kicked off Zona Maco art fair week and was a space where visitors could buy groceries using specially issued ‘Orozco dollars’ (notes decorated with a geometric pattern by the artist). In addition to this spectacle, Kurimanzutto welcomed Patti Smith to the city, during which she exhibited her photographic work in a local café (a regular offsite venue for the gallery), created a work for the ongoing Sonora 128 project (a giant advertising billboard, curated with Bree Zucker) and embarked on a series of public performances. All this, and supporting the industrious careers of the likes of Adrián Villar Rojas and Jimmie Durham, is business as usual for the duo. Less expected – and less welcome – was having to postpone their Anri Sala exhibition in the aftermath of September’s earthquake.