José Kuri & Mónica Manzutto

Founders of Kurimanzutto Gallery, Mexico City

The duo behind Mexico’s most prominent gallery have spent a lot of time out of the country this year (not just selling at art fairs, or merely supporting the careers of the gallery’s artists, which include Central American stars such as Damián Ortega and Gabriel Orozco, as well as international artists such as Haegue Yang and Rirkrit Tiravanija). They went to London, where the couple staged Signals: If You Like I Shall Grow at Thomas Dane Gallery, an exhibition that remembered the seminal British gallery whose experimental approach during the 1960s is a major influence on Kuri and Manzutto, and in May, to New York, where they opened a new outpost. They inaugurated it with a show by Abraham Cruzvillegas (in May, around the same time the Mexico City space was hosting New York’s White Columns, as part of the Condo Mexico gallery exchange), which they followed with a summer reading room (books, plants and hammocks), and a display of protest posters from May 68 in the autumn.