Klaus Biesenbach

Outgoing from MoMA, incoming at MOCA

In August it was announced that Biesenbach would be leaving his position as director of MoMA PS1 and chief curator of MoMA to lead MOCA Los Angeles. He will be its third director in eight years when he takes up the position in 2019. Biesenbach is not the stereotypical ‘safe pair of hands’, but while some of his exhibitions in New York have failed to garner critical acclaim, this is countered by lauded shows such as this year’s Cathy Wilkes solo at PS1, and his habit of championing artists the rest of us are yet to cotton on to. And there is no doubt he has the skills to steady the ship. Biesenbach knows that where he goes, attention is paid. The only blip this year came with a lawsuit issued by curator Nikki Columbus alleging that MoMA PS1 had offered her a curatorial position, only to rescind the offer when it found out that she was pregnant.