Koyo Kouoh

Founding artistic director of Raw Material Company, Dakar and champion of art from West Africa and beyond

Kouoh, the founder of Dakar’s Raw Material Company, has been busy organising a series of talks programmes outside Senegal this year, including Salon Suisse (hosted by Pro Helvetia), a four-part collateral event at the Venice Biennale centred on themes of music, food, cultivation and performance, and 16 lectures and discussions at both the New York and London editions of 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair. The newly instated Raw Académie (‘an experiential residential study programme’, which takes place over eight weeks in Dakar and began at the end of last year) is well into its third session, directed by Senegalese rappers Xuman and Keyti (under the moniker Journal Rappé, the duo’s satirical televised news show). In October Kouoh curated the inaugural exhibition for Gallery 1957’s 2,230sqm second venue in Accra, focusing on a new body of work by Ghanaian artist Godfried Donkor.