Koyo Kouoh

New chief curator of Cape Town's flagship museum

Kouoh, who this year was appointed chief curator of Zeitz MOCAA in Cape Town, was already established as a promoter of African art on the international stage. Her reputation was built as founding director of Dakar’s RAW Material Company: a destination for both its shows (Danish artist Christian Danielewitz this year staged his research into the global mining industry) and its talks programme (which featured Rick Lowe, MoMA ps1 director Kate Fowle and discussions ranging from Central American art to the Bengal Delta). She was, then, an obvious choice when the world’s largest museum of contemporary African art started looking for a new head. It’s too early to gauge her impact – Kouoh took the helm in May – but the new gig will surely diminish her (omni)presence on international curatorial teams and juries. Yet in South Africa she gets the money (the museum is bankrolled by former Puma CEO Jochen Zeitz) and a Thomas Heatherwick-designed building within which to experiment.