Marc Glimcher

President of the international Pace Gallery

‘The cult of the personality has shifted, and galleries have become institutions,’ Glimcher noted this year, the first in which he appears on this list without his father, Arne, founder of Pace gallery. The institution in this case has spaces in New York, Palo Alto, London, Geneva, Beijing, Hong Kong and Seoul, and just took on artists William Monk and Mary Corse (in Asia only), and the estate of Vito Acconci (in an unusual partnership with Art Agency, Partners, a division of Sotheby’s). Yet artist representation is only one facet of the job when you are this big. To this end FuturePace, a partnership with public realm commissioning agency FutureCity, has been busy proliferating the work of Pace artists, including a commission for London’s new Crossrail by Michal Rovner and an ‘immersive, 20-tonne installation’ for the Eden Project botanic garden, by Studio Swine.