Marc Glimcher

President of the international Pace Gallery

The recently opened eight-storey gallery on Manhattan’s 25th St – the newest addition to Pace’s seven-strong global empire – includes a space for live work (the likes of Song Dong and Torkwase Dyson have made themselves at home this year) as well as more space for Pace's regular programming too. It is the kind of experimentation Glimcher is exploring with Pace X, an arm of the business devoted to projects at the intersection of art and tech (and which finds lineage in the experiential proposals of more traditionally Pace artists like Robert Irwin and James Turrell). The gallery continuing to invest in classicist shows such as the recent Alexander Calder exhibit but Glimcher, who once studied immunology, will hope that this appeal to a new audience immunises the family business against the vagaries of the art market. There remain some things from which is beyond his control however: in July, the escalating trade war between the US and China was cited by Marc’s pa, Arne, as among the reasons for closing the gallery’s Beijing branch.