Marc Spiegler

Art Basel director

The collected value of work taken to Art Basel in Basel each year is approximately $3b. The mayor of Miami Beach reckons having the fair come to his city brings in $500m of revenue. Art Basel Hong Kong drew 70,000 visitors this year. You can see then why other cities might be up for Spiegler coming to town. In November this year, a preliminary talks programme, the first fruit of Art Basel’s inaugural ‘Cities’ initiative, takes place in Buenos Aires. This won’t be the usual booths and dollars affair, however. Instead BA pays AB to stage a series of cultural events – coordinated by Cecilia Alemani, the chief curator of New York’s High Line Art programme – most of which will take place over a week in September next year, nonprofit and free to access, with Spiegler and colleagues bringing their international network of artworld types to the city for the duration.