Marc Spiegler

Art Basel director

As global director of Art Basel since 2012, Spiegler could probably put his feet up and remain on a list such as this. The company’s three fairs – in Basel, Hong Kong and Miami – outflank their competitors with almost embarrassing ease. Yet there’s no resting on laurels here. The 2016 halfyear report from parent company MCH Group warned ‘the economic situation at the international level is characterised by a large number of negative factors, especially the developments in the BRIC states’. Not great news when a third of your events are in that economic grouping and another third leans heavily towards Latin American markets. Yet Spiegler and the company he helms are not ones to sail around troubled water: to judge by the September launch of ‘Art Basel Cities’, their philosophy seems to be to face uncertainty head-on. This new consultancy strand, in which the company will be paid by municipal governments to stage noncommercial art events locally, is to launch in Buenos Aires late next year.