Marina Abramović


In November 2016, performance and endurance art doyenne Marina Abramović will turn seventy. A fellow 2016 septuagenarian, Tate director Nicholas Serota, chose this milestone year to step down from his position, but Abramović seems more rather than less committed to her work. This has however increasingly meant disseminating the Abramović Method – a set of exercises honed by the artist over her career to ‘explore boundaries of body and mind’ – in collaboration with others rather than continuing personally to undertake the testing physical performances that earned her her reputation. The artist had a less successful outcome in the court case with former creative and life partner Ulay, to whom she has been ordered by a Dutch court to pay €250,000, for violating a joint rights contract for work they made together. Abramović also faced flack over inflammatory comments about indigenous Australians (since removed) circulated in a proof of her forthcoming memoirs.