Massimiliano Gioni

Ebullient director of the Trussardi Foundation and artistic director of New York’s New Museum

Walking through Strange Days at The Store X in London – a greatest hits from the New Museum’s recent programme – one recognises Gioni’s ability to tap the right artist at the right time. Among the used-to-be-emerging-but-since-established stars to have occupied the New York institution are Ed Atkins, Cheng Ran, Camille Henrot, Ragnar Kjartansson, Cally Spooner and Wu Tsang. The big attraction stateside this year, however, was an artist of vintage, Sarah Lucas, one of the few YBAs still garnering critical love. Over in Milan, at Gioni’s second job, as artistic director of the Fondazione Nicola Trussardi, things were quiet: the staging of Jeremy Deller’s Sacrilege, the artist’s 2004 inflatable Stonehenge, can’t have occupied too much time. Instead Gioni was busy over the past 12 months acting as judge on the juries of the Vilcek Prize (won by Nari Ward), Kurt Schwitters Prize (Mika Rottenberg), BMW Art Journey Award (Jamal Cyrus) and Edvard Munch Award (Kerstin Brätsch).