Massimiliano Gioni

Ebullient director of the Trussardi Foundation and artistic director of New York’s New Museum

Now in his mid-forties and some years on from his wunderkind peak – youngest curator of the Venice Biennale for a century in 2013, etc – Gioni is settling into his second act. While leaning into his primary roles as artistic director of the New Museum, New York, and longstanding director of Milan’s Nicola Trussardi Foundation, he’s continuing to spin o freelance projects, such as this year’s Marcel Duchamp/Je Koons doubleheader at Museo Jumex in Mexico City. Promoting that show, he ribbed Duchamp as a ‘sellout’ and appears to relish the bitchy soundbite, saying on an art podcast that he wants to “do away with quality”. Asked about the staff of the New Museum’s decision to unionise in a dispute over pay, however, he reverted to suave diplomacy. Whether in reaction to that debacle or not, he’s currently overseeing the first US retrospective for institutional critique’s Hans Haacke in over 30 years, while next year’s highlights include a showcase for outré painter Peter Saul.