Massimo De Carlo

Italian gallerist with spaces in Milan, London and Hong Kong

While his new space in Milan, Casa Corbellini-Wassermann, an icon of 1930s Milanese architecture designed by Piero Portaluppi, is still under renovation (‘The white cube gallery format is over’, the dealer declared this year), De Carlo filled his two present galleries in the Lombardy city with a programme that veered towards artists of vintage: exhibitions of minimalist Carl Andre, Fluxus artist John Armleder and Pop artist Bertrand Lavier were among those who showed. De Carlo’s London gallery programme had a more youthful bent, with exhibitions by relative spring chickens Rob Pruitt and Josh Smith, and he took Doug Aitken to show in the Hong Kong gallery. The American artist’s debut in Greater China (De Carlo is expanding his reach in Asia, taking booths at both Art Taipei and the Korea International Art Fair for the first time this year) included Mirage (2017), a house covered in mirrors, bought off-plan to be constructed wherever the collector chooses.