Massimo De Carlo

Italian gallerist with spaces in Milan, London and Hong Kong

De Carlo celebrated 30 years in the gallery biz this March by gifting himself a new outpost in Hong Kong to join those in London and Milan. HK is not wholly unexplored territory for De Carlo: he has served on the selection committee for Art Basel Hong Kong, and has shown at the fair since 2013, and he’s already experienced ‘excellent feedback from the Far East market’. In May, the Milan gallerist’s status in the upper echelons was cemented by his participation in a Felix Gonzalez-Torres three-way, alongside consecutive shows at Andrea Rosen (New York) and Hauser & Wirth (London). Despite having once been taped to the wall by him, De Carlo has also long been a champion of artist-showman Maurizio Cattelan, who made a spectacular return from retirement this September with the ‘participatory artwork’ America (a functional gold toilet) installed at New York’s Guggenheim Museum. If it’s good for Cattelan, it’s good for De Carlo. Here’s to the next 30 years.