Michael Govan

Director of Los Angeles County Museum of Art

As Los Angeles gains power in the artworld – note the number of big thumper-gallery outfits opening spaces in the city – Govan does, too. The director of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art since 2006 noted in an interview towards the end of last year that while, museumwise, LA is still behind New York, ‘for a young artist it seems to be the city of choice right now’. This can only bode well for the future. Money is still an issue at LACMA, however, even with a $115 million endowment, especially in the lead-up to opening a $600 million new home (not an extension – the new building will reduce the museum’s footprint by 2,300sqm – but an upgrade). Fundraising, Govan says, is ‘neverending’, but the results are shows like this year’s Agnes Martin survey and the current one-audience-member-at-a-time film installation by Loris Gréaud.