Michael Govan

Director of Los Angeles County Museum of Art

While still fundraising for the $650m rebuild of the museum (due 2019), Govan relentlessly cultivates philanthropists on the West Coast and beyond. The museum has partnered with Chinese-Indonesian entrepreneur Budi Tek to create a new foundation, to which Tek will donate his vast Chinese art collection. The LACMA collection is already rich with Asian art: this year it was gifted one of the biggest collections of contemporary ink paintings in the world. Meanwhile progress was made towards the establishment of a satellite museum in South Los Angeles for the benefit of what Govan described as demographics ‘underserved’ by culture. The stated determination to reflect different perspectives (though the exhibition programme this year featured the likes of David Hockney and Mark Grotjahn) was given weight by Govan’s announcement, in May, that LACMA was collaborating with Arizona State University on a programme to establish a more diverse generation of curators.