Nicholas Logsdail

Stalwart London gallerist

In the summer 2013 diary of his visit to London, preparing works for his show at Lisson Gallery, Liu Xiaodong writes of how difficult it is to persuade locals to invite him into their home. After 46 years, Lisson is still an artworld cuckoo in the unhipsterish nest of Edgware Road, but this unlikely ’hood is the London home to Nicholas Logsdail’s multigenerational family of artists. This last year, weapon-mangling Pedro Reyes and claymation heroes Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg have also been welcomed into the fold.

Meanwhile Lisson’s senior artists continue to assert themselves on a global scale – Ai Weiwei and Anish Kapoor have had significant international exhibitions and Marina Abramović has been, well, everywhere. After opening its first international space in Milan two years ago, Lisson recently set up a by-appointment office in New York: rumour has it that a full stateside gallery is soon to follow.