Nicholas Logsdail, Alex Logsdail & Greg Hilty

Directors of Lisson gallery, with spaces in London and New York

The Lisson trio do things differently than their big-beast peers: relentless expansion is just not for them. ‘We’re not going to have a gallery in every city,’ Logsdail Sr has noted, ‘like a sailor who has a friend in every port.’ Instead, ticking things over at their four spaces (two in London, two in New York), they announced painter (and Royal Academy president) Christopher Le Brun would be joining ship, alongside fellow 2018 recruit, sculptor Hugh Hayden. ‘Quiet’, of course, is a relative term with artists such as Ai Weiwei (who opened his largest show ever, in São Paulo), John Akomfrah (whose first US survey opened at the New Museum) and Christian Jankowski (who filled a Berlin auction house with fakes) to contend with. Nor have they shied away from backing their artists in a fight, supporting Haroon Mirza’s plagiarism battle with Louis Vuitton and Anish Kapoor’s copyright tiff with the National Rifle Association.