Pablo Leon de la Barra

Curator plugging Latin American art into the global artworld

It’s not León de la Barra’s two jobs that get him here – though curator at large, Latin America, at the Guggenheim Museum, and curator at the Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Niterói, the spaceshiplike institution across the bay from Rio de Janeiro, is not a bad start. It is more that he has become a gatekeeper to success for young Latin American artists, and the person to tap up if you need local expertise. Art Basel brought him onboard for its inaugural Cities programme in Buenos Aires, he was a nominator for the Frieze Artist Award, juror for the Nasher and Faena prizes and section curator at Expo Chicago, and he sat on the selection committee for Peru’s 2019 Venice pavilion. This artworld stuff doesn’t get in the way of more esoteric ventures, though, such as a show he curated on Solentiname, the Nicaraguan artist colony set up by a poet and priest, at 80WSE, New York.