Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo

Collector, networker and founder of Turin’s Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo

‘Buy what you like’ was Nicholas Logsdail’s advice to Sandretto Re Rebaudengo when she started collecting. ‘Italy’s Peggy Guggenheim’, as CNN dubbed her, has evidently liked a lot of what she has seen, amassing a 1,500-strong collection in 25 years. Like Guggenheim, an acknowledged inspiration, she makes her collection public: her foundation in Turin, where there were solos this year for Tai Shani and Michael Armitage, is soon to be joined by a new centre in Madrid. She also found time to stage a group show dedicated to Don Quixote in Catania, as well as a new installation by Alicja Kwade, and supported various pavilions at the Venice Biennale, including Lithuania’s Golden Lion-winner. Re Rebaudengo is now focused on younger artists, recently commissioning work by Martine Syms in collaboration with the Philadelphia Museum of Art to be shown in 2020. No wonder Independent Curators International gave her their Leo Award in April.