Pierre Huyghe

Cerebral conceptual artist

Huyghe, currently based in New York, has gone from strength to 
strength in recent years, producing ambitious work with a perspective that goes beyond the human, whether in terms of thousand-year timescales or animal experiences. Along with major shows at the Espaces Louis Vuitton in Tokyo and Venice, and his win of the 2017 Nasher Prize (including $100,000), Huyghe sent work to Münster that was the undisputed highlight of this year’s Skulptur Projekte: a postapocalyptic ecology within the rubble of an abandoned ice-skating rink featuring
 bees, peacocks and algae. Sensors monitored the movement of the
 animals, as well as the CO2 and bacteria levels, transmitting the information to an incubator containing cancer cells. The more vitality recorded
 within Huyghe’s ecosystem, the higher the rate of reproduction catalysed in the petri dish. As Huyghe has stated, he’s not interested in creating fictions, but new realities; the realities he has created have proved unsettlingly visionary.