Sadie Coles

One of London’s most established and active gallerists with a roster of nearly 50 artists

Sadie Coles HQ continues to provide the example to which a host of younger galleries aspire. Mixing established artists (Urs Fischer and Wilhelm Sasnal showed over the summer) with a younger generation widely touted by their peers (Kati Heck and Martine Syms made their debuts this year), the gallery is seen to marry commercial clout with critical relevance. It is this ability to forge connections that marks the London gallerist out: as the gap between top and bottom of the market widens, her reputation as a link between the two is supported by her commitment to the gallery exchange programme Condo, this year participating in its London, New York and Shanghai iterations. Coles is not alone on this list in seeking out new models that would better suit a multipolar artworld and mend the frayed ties between its smaller and larger enterprises. But she commands an unusually broad support.