Suhanya Raffel & Doryun Chong

Director and deputy director/chief curator of Hong Kong’s soon-to-open M+ museum

Who was it that said the first sign of insanity is to repeat an action over and over expecting dierent results? Here we have Rael and Chong, again, whose M+ Museum is now promised to open publicly (after multiple delays) in 2020–21. Aside from five executives quitting the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority in May, Rael and Chong have been busy building international partnerships (with, for example, Tokyo’s Mori Art Museum and the Sydney Opera House) in a bid to secure the museum’s position as a major world player. In addition to this, the pair have been maintaining a programme of exhibitions at the M+ Pavilion, copresenting the Hong Kong pavilion at this year’s Venice Biennale, announcing the shortlist for the inaugural Sigg Prize and squirreling away even more acquisitions of works by 14 artists, architects and designers, including the entire body of work, past and future, of digital art pioneer Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries.