Sunjung Kim

Curator of international projects and exhibitions and president of Gwangju Bienniale Foundation

The Seoul-based curator (founder of Samuso curatorial office) and director of Artsonje Center, Sunjung Kim was appointed president of the Gwangju Biennale Foundation (GBF) in July, coming into a role that had been slightly tarnished following a censorship scandal that saw then-president (and biennial founder) Yongwoo Lee resign from his post in 2014. But Kim’s no stranger to tackling messy politics head-on, having curated a series of exhibitions along the demilitarised zone between North and South Korea for the Real DMZ Project since 2012. She’s already making waves at GBF, announcing plans to include multiple curators at the next biennale (echoing the ninth edition, which she codirected with five international women curators), which looks to explore ‘matters of emotional concerns, of border/lessness, of existing inside/outside the border, and of being in-between the borders beyond geopolitical boundaries’. She’s also on the advisory board for this year’s first Bangkok Biennial.