Tim Blum & Jeff Poe

LA-based gallerists with New York and Tokyo branches

Blum and Poe can take a large part of the credit in the renewed interest in Mono-ha (the influential movement that centres on a group of Japanese artists operating from the 1960s onwards) and Dansaekhwa (which originates in Korea from approximately the same time). The gallery’s 2012 group show Requiem for the Sun: The Art of Mono-ha catalysed interest in the former, with a pair of 2014 group shows introducing the latter to Western audiences. Since then, the pair, through their galleries in LA, New York and Tokyo, have explored both with gusto, including 2016 exhibitions for Susumu Koshimizu (associated with Mono-ha) and Kwon Young-woo (Dansaekhwa), as well as the monochromatic group show Black. But don’t consider the gallery po-faced (sorry); alongside this art-historical work, there’s space for a collaboration between Richard Prince and High Times magazine, and a show by Kanye West, in which the musician presented Famous, a silicone sculpture of 12 well-known celebrities naked in bed.