Tim Neuger & Burkhard Riemschneider

Gallerists behind Berlin's understated but heavy-hitting Neugerriemschneider

Although themselves low-key, Neuger and Riemschneider are inextricably entwined with a generation of highly visible artists that includes Rirkrit Tiravanija, Tobias Rehberger, Simon Starling and Jorge Pardo. This year they turned their attention to history – both art’s and their own – with a show of works on aluminium by Michel Majerus (who died in 2002) during this year’s Berlin Gallery Weekend. The paintings looked, both in terms of execution and subject matter, as if they were made for the contemporary digital age. Alongside that, the Majerus estate launched the first instalment of a three-stage project titled Laboratorium für die Feststellung des Offensichtlichen, housed in the artist’s studio, which aims to show his early, lesser-known work. Majerus came to prominence through a series of museum shows in 1996. He had worked with Neugerriemschneider since the gallery was founded, in 1994. If he was pioneering, so are they.