Toby Webster

The magician of the Glasgow miracle

A rare year that at least one of Webster’s artists isn’t nominated for the Turner Prize was more than made up for by his double whammy in Venice: Jeremy Deller ensconced in the British Pavilion and Hayley Tompkins as part of the three-person Scotland + Venice 2013 show. Back at the two Glasgow spaces Webster calls home, an exhibition exchange with Standard in Oslo was announced. The Modern Institute will reciprocate in due course, before planning subsequent exchanges with other international galleries. 

With its stable of artists largely consisting of the gallerist’s generational peers – Simon Starling (whose epic CGI video commission has been on show at Tate Britain all year), Urs Fischer (everywhere), Jim Lambie and Cathy Wilkes among them – Webster’s gallery is small enough to be able to instigate such deft manoeuvres, but big enough and respected enough to have the endeavour noticed and cheered on.