Victor Pinchuk

Ukrainian collector and founder of the Pinchuk Art Centre and Future Generation Art Prize

It remains to be seen what impact the ongoing unrest in Ukraine will have on the man Forbes estimates is worth $3.2bn. The Ukrainian businessman is for closer ties with the West, but the interests of Interpipe, the pipe manufacturer that made his fortune, will be put into jeopardy if conflict with its main customer, Russia, continues. ‘Remains to be seen’, therefore, because none of this has so far affected the international $100,000 Future Generation Art Prize, awarded to an artist under thirty-five, the 2014 winner of which is due to be selected in December by a jury including curators Adam Szymczyk and Francesco Bonami, and artist Doris Salcedo. Nor is there evidence of cause for concern in the day-to-day running of the Pinchuk Art Centre, though the political crisis figured heavily in Fear and Hope, a show featuring the three past winners of the domestic version of Future Generation, the Pinchuk Art Centre Prize.