Vincent Worms

Patron of art through American-French organisation Kadist

Worms, whose day job is in seed investment in the tech industry, founded Kadist in 2001 to facilitate residencies and to collect and exhibit art. This year, at its gallery in Paris, an exhibition by Sabih Ahmed and Taus Makhacheva recounted superhero sightings from testimonies gathered during a residency funded by the nonprofit organisation. Kadist’s exhibition space in San Francisco was occupied by Mercer Union, the Torontobased artist-run centre. Elsewhere, the organisation’s three-year pan-Latin American project with artists Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa, Carla Zaccagnini and Rometti Costales continued with events in Guatemala City, Mexico City, Medellín and Santiago. Artist Ho Tzu Nyen, meanwhile, initiated a new research programme into the notion of ‘tradition’ within the context of Asian colonialism. Worms’s global project, which cites the intersection of art and political histories as its main interest, also supported Hsu Chia-Wei’s video installation at this year’s Singapore Biennale.