Vincent Worms

Patron of art through American-French organisation Kadist

From its gallery in San Francisco, and its project space and office in Paris, the influence of Kadist, the nonprofit private art organisation of which Worms is chairman, spreads globally. Collecting art is one side of Kadist’s work, something it does through mainly geographic-led strands: under the banner ‘A3’, for example, and with advice from MAXXI artistic director Hou Hanru, the foundation invests in art from the Asia-Pacific region; ‘El Sur’ concentrates on art from Latin America; and ‘101’ traces narratives through American art from 1970 (the last two are directed by curator Jens Hoffmann). The other major areas of activity are residencies (Shooshie Sulaiman in Paris and Yin-Ju Chen in San Francisco this year), commissioning and programming, and not just at its own space: this year, Worms bankrolled Soil and Stones, Souls and Songs, a group show curated by Cosmin Costinas and Inti Guerrero staged at the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design in Manila and Para Site in Hong Kong.