Zhang Wei & Hu Fang

Founders of the multidisciplinary Vitamin Creative Space, based in Guangzhou and Beijing

To describe Vitamin Creative Space as a gallery doesn’t do the operation run by Zhang and Hu justice. Since its founding in 2002, Vitamin has operated in hybrid mode, as a gallery and as an independent art space, with the notion that the one should feed the other and the whole should be like some mythical ouroboros. The myth becomes reality at the organisation’s HQ, the Sou Fujimoto-designed villagelike Mirrored Gardens just outside Guangzhou, where social space, research institution, bookshop and conventional gallery all merge into one. Art fair appearances are kept to a manageable minimum (Art Basel in Hong Kong and in Basel, FIAC), leaving artists – among them some of Asia’s leading lights, such as Cao Fei, Ming Wong, Lee Kit, Koki Tanaka, and stars from the West, such as Dahn Vo, Olafur Eliasson and Anton Vidokle – to develop research-based projects that blend tradition and innovation with cultural discourse from almost all parts of the globe.