Zhang Wei/Vitamin Creative Space

Cofounder of the multidisciplinary Vitamin Creative Space, based in Guangzhou and Beijing

Eleven years ago, when Vitamin Creative Space was founded, Zhang Wei had a vague vision of a space that would function between a gallery and a not-for-profit organisation. Today it has evolved into a platform that crosses over multiple disciplines: one defined by a distinctive methodology, based on daily toil with artists, just as a farmer works day-by-day in the field. As a result, the physical boundaries of Vitamin become invisible, and its artists’ activities can be sensed throughout the world. 

Lee Kit and Koki Tanaka represented, respectively, Hong Kong and Japan at the Venice Biennale; Xu Tan and Duan Jianyu’s exhibitions this year have afforded them each a unique position in the art scene of China; Ming Wong recently opened a new show, Me in Me, at the Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo, and Olafur Eliasson published his book Never Tired of Looking at Each Other: Only the Mountain and I and a video piece, Your Embodied Garden (both 2013).