The Venice Questionnaire 2015 #17: Heimo Zobernig

Representing Austria at the 2015 Venice Biennale, Heimo Zobernig answered our short questionnaire

Inner view of the Austrian Pavilion, 2012. Photo: Gabriele Basilico

ArtReview sent a questionnaire to artists and curators exhibiting in and curating the various national pavilions of the 2015 Venice Biennale, the responses to which will be published daily in the lead-up to the Venice Biennale opening.

Heimo Zobernig is representing Austria. The Pavilion is in the Giardini.

What can you tell us about your exhibition plans for Venice?

For Venice I am planning work related to architecture. A work that responds directly to the pavilion.

Are you approaching this show in a different way as to how you would a ‘normal’ exhibition?

Each room, each institution has a special feature and structure. My approach to an exhibition in a gallery differs from an exhibition in a museum.

What does it mean to ‘represent’ your country? Do you find it an honour or problematic?

I am representing firstly the country of art - if there is freedom to my decision. If that's not the case, the situation is quite problematic.

How are you approaching the different audiences who come to Venice – the masses of artist peers, gallerists, curators and critics concentrated around the opening and the general public who come through over the following months?

I don't distinguish between my audiences. Everybody is naturally invited to see my work.

What are your earliest or best memories of the biennale?

In 1972 I saw Hans Hollein and Oswald Oberhuber in the Austrian pavilion, I was very young. Then in 1980 the first “Aperto” by Harald Szeemann.

You’ll no doubt be very busy, but what else are you looking forward to seeing?

I will see everything.

How does a having a pavilion in Venice affect the art scene in your home country?

I underestimated how big the social aspect is.

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Online exclusive published on 25 April 2015.