Flash 500 – writing, poetry, fiction by artists

By ArtReview

Forms of written and performed text are an increasingly important component to many artist's practices – see two of our 2013 Future Greats Katrina Palmer and Heather Phillipson, for example.  

Publishers of artists' writings Akerman Daly are also highlighting artists who work with words with their new series of short commissioned writings titled Flash 500, which previews with an evening of readings at Camden Arts Centre on 4 September. 

The full series of 32 texts (each 500 words long - hence the name) by artists including Patrick Coyle, Audrey Reynolds, Fabian Peake, Jess Flood-Paddock, George Shaw and Fiona Banner, will be emailed free to subscribers to Akerman Daly's website, five texts a week, for six weeks, beginning 18 September. Poster versions of the texts will also be available to buy online. 

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