ArtReview March issue

Celebrating 70 years of art history

ArtReview turns 70

The first issue of Art News and Reviews (as ArtReview was then called) was published on 12 February 1949, by Richard Gainsborough, a retired doctor, and his wife, the designer Eileen Mayo. To celebrate its 70-year anniversary, ArtReview has attempted to tell the story of some of the debates that animated its pages, as well as to chronicle some of the issues with which art has concerned itself over the past seven decades. In that sense it is not a collection of greatest hits (indeed this anthology does not find space for many of the magazine’s best-known writers), more an initial step towards opening up the rich resources in ArtReview’s archives to a general audience and as a site of broader debate…


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In this issue

with texts by Lawrence Alloway, John Berger, Oswell Blakeston, Lawrence Dame, Bernard Denvir, Joss of ‘The Star’, Hyman Levy, Henri Matisse, Eric Newton
selected by Oliver Basciano

with texts by Cottie Burland, Guy Burn, Janet Daley, Clement Greenberg, J. P. Hodin, Francis Cyril Rose, Pierre Rouve, Barrie Sturt-Penrose
selected by Mark Rappolt

with texts by Guy Burn, Lorraine Craig, Janet Daley, Peter Fuller, Pat Gilmour, Georgina Oliver, Henry P. Raleigh, Pierre Rouve, Frances Spalding, Brian Wallworth, Nadia Woloshyn, Barbara Wright
selected by J.J. Charlesworth

with texts by Marjorie Allthorpe-Guyton, Mary Rose Beaumont, Larry Berryman, Oswell Blakeston, Hetty Einzig, Clare Henry, David Lee, Michael Petry
selected by David Terrien

with texts by Sister Wendy Beckett, Charles Hall, David Lee, Edward Lucie-Smith, Rosie Millard, Brian Sewell
selected by Louise Darblay

with texts by Stuart Comer, James Heartfield, Ana Finel Honigman, Edward Lucie-Smith, Reggie Nadelson, Ian White
selected by Fi Churchman

with texts by Omar Al-Qattan, Oliver Basciano, J.J. Charlesworth, Matthew Collings, Lauren Cornell, Tom Eccles, Anselm Franke, Martin Herbert, Hettie Judah, Jonathan T.D. Neil, Pankaj Mishra, Sarah O’Keefe, Jacques Rancière, Adam Thirlwell, Ryan Trecartin
selected by Ben Eastham

Plus our regular mix of previews and reviews, including

Martin Herbert’s selection of must-see exhibitions in March, in Sharjah, Los Angeles, Paris, Cologne, London, New York, Berlin, Vienna and Copenhagen (you can read part one here)

Reviews of exhibitions from around the world…

Minimalism: Space. Light. Object at National Gallery Singapore and ArtScience Museum Singapore, by Mark Rappolt
Wang Bing at Kunsthalle Zürich, by Aoife Rosenmeyer
Camilla Vuorenmaa at Helsinki Contemporary, by Mark Prince
Éntomos at Prague City Gallery, Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace, Prague, by Max L. Feldman
Raquel van Haver at Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, by Sam Steverlynck
Melike Kara at Jan Kaps, Cologne, by Moritz Scheper
Hannah Black at Eden Eden, Berlin, by Rebecca O’Dwyer
After Babel at Annex M, Athens, by Michelangelo Corsaro
Haroon Mirza at Ikon, Birmingham, by Daniel Wilson
Ren Hang at Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool, by Mike Pinnington
Gareth Cadwallader at Josh Lilley Gallery, London, by Ben Eastham
Hannah Perry at Somerset House, London, by Jacob Boulton
D’Ette Nogle at Hannah Hoffman Gallery, Los Angeles, by Jonathan Griffin
Sonia Almeida at Simone Subal Gallery, New York, by Rahel Aima
Mateo López at Casey Kaplan, New York, by Scott Indrisek
Alejandro Campins at Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Wifredo Lam, Havana, by Oliver Basciano
William Kentridge at Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg, by Emily McDermott

And books including

Sovereign Words. Indigenous Art, Curation and Criticism, edited by Katya García-Antón, reviewed by Mark Rappolt
Let’s Talk Abstract, edited by Carolin Scharpff-Striebich, reviewed by Louise Darblay
Bauhaus Goes West: Modern Art and Design in Britain and America, by Alan Powers, reviewed by David Terrien
Art and (Bare) Life, by Josephine Berry, reviewed by Ben Eastham