What's in the ArtReview Asia March 2014 Special Edition

Double Fly Art Center

Chinese collective Double Fly Art Center, whose work explores issues of identity, sexuality and desire in daily life, design and produce a special currency, the Double Fly duo, in hour of their sixth anniversary.

Philip Tinari and Colin Chinnery

Director of Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing Philip Tinary and Berlin based artist and curator Colin Chinnery in conversation about 1,000 Museums, the System and the ‘On/Off Generation.

Chen Shaoxiong – Seeing is Believing, part 1.

The artist question’s people’s belief in the art market, using the words borrowed from its driving force – financial capital.

Seeing is Believing, part II

When two artists come to a beleaguered city and promise to restore the spirits of its inhabitants through a mass exhibition of the objects most treasured and meaningful to a citizenry, the effects are initially beyond the narrator’s wildest hpes

Ran Huang – Free

The artist requests six pages of space from an art magazine and uses it to launch free exhibition announcements for the galleries and spaces he picks: Balice Hertling, Leo Xu Projects, Limoncello, FormContent, Jan Mot and 47 Canal.

Cheng Ran – Temporary (Taxi) Day (Driver)

The artist creates an adapted script from director Martin Scorsese’s film Taxi Driver (1976).