Bosco Sodi’s Muro comes to London’s South Bank

Clay workshop in Oaxaca, Mexico. Photo: Juan Pino. Courtesy Studio Bosco Sodi

Muro is more than a political performance or physical work of art, it’s about breaking down walls whether they are physical, mental or political. It’s a communal act, which demonstrates that when society comes together it can break through any obstacle.’ – Bosco Sodi

Mexican artist Bosco Sodi will be presenting his first public performance work in London for Art Night’s Open programme in the riverside square of The National Theatre on the city’s South Bank. Sodi will build a two by eight metre wall, titled Muro, using 1600 clay bricks (each stamped with his signature) made with the help of local craftsmen at his studio in Oaxaca, Mexico. A previous iteration of the work was built in New York in September 2017, also lasting only one day before visitors were invited to take a piece of the wall away with them. Similarly, having installed Muro, Sodi will invite passers-by during London’s Art Night to dismantle the wall in a gesture that reflects the idea that a community can come together to tear down barriers.

Bosco Sodi’s Muro will begin from 6pm on Saturday 7 July and continue throughout the night until the entire wall is taken apart.

The project is supported by Blain|Southern.

About Art Night 2018
A free contemporary arts festival, Art Night takes place on Saturday 7 July from 6pm – 6am. This year’s edition is curated by the Hayward Gallery, while Art Night Open has programmed events at local institutions in the area including Pump House Gallery, Gasworks, Zabludowicz Collection and Newport Street Gallery.