Jeremy Millar

Chandelier, London, 7 December – 25 January

Jeremy Millar, Untitled (Freud's couch, London), 2013, photograph. Courtesy the artist.

An exhibition by British artist and writer Jeremy Millar will be the second project by Chandelier, a new initiative that is housed in the studio of artist Karen Knorr, who invites her peers to create works in this personal production space. Millar will present new works, mainly photographs, that take as their starting point western historical artefacts such as the sundered rock at Golgotha and Freud’s couch in an attempt to turn our attention to the overlooked details of these symbols, a process that is described as 'less an act of transformation, however, than a revelation of that which is already there.'

The photographs, which are printed upon Habotai silk and are hanging as large-scale panels as part of an oak-framed screen, emphasis the materiality of their subjects, so that Bernard Leach's fireplace at St. Ives becomes a sensual materialisation of the potter's practice. Coming from an artist who created his self-portrait as a hyper-realistic drowned man, this materiality is sure to be intriguing.

Open by appointment only