Condo Shanghai

The first edition of the gallery-exchange programme in China opens on 7 July, in partnership with ArtReview Asia

Courtesy Condo Shanghai

ArtReview Asia is pleased to be partnering with Condo Shanghai, the edition of the gallery exchange project , running from 7 July to 26 August. The concept is framed partly as a lower-cost alternative to the art-fair business model and partly as a way of fostering solidarity and collaboration among commercial art galleries. What that means is that this July nine commercial galleries in Shanghai will host exhibitions of work by artists represented by 12 commercial galleries from elsewhere. What about the… Oh, right. Artists to look out for include cult American photographer Roe Ethridge and pioneering new-media artist Jennifer Steinkamp, who London’s Greengrassi will show at J: Gallery. Finding the gallery palimpsest confusing? Just you wait. Alongside Ethridge and Steinkamp, J: Gallery itself will show work by Lyon-based Pu Yingwei (who uses memory as his material), Malaysian sculptor Haffendi Anuar (whose winning project for the inaugural Battersea Power Station ‘Powerhouse Commission’ went on show in London last year), and elegant multimedia conceptualist Tant Zhong, while alongside that, London’s Project Native Informant shows work by British painter Flo Brooks. The end product will either be the idea of a group show reconfigured as a productive mashup of the three commercial programmes, or an art fair reduced to its most miniature form. 

Condo Shanghai promises a certain richness if nothing else. Look out also for Yoshua Okón, presented by LA’s Ghebaly Gallery at Don Gallery in Shanghai, Uri Aran and Ryan Sullivan, presented by London’s Sadie Coles at Shanghart, and Simon Fujiwara, who Berlin’s Esther Schipper shows at Edouard Malingue Shanghai. 

Condo Shanghai runs from 7 July to 26 August. Visit any of the hosting galleries taking part in Condo Shanghai to pick up a copy of ArtReview Asia’s Summer issue – see here for the full list of participating galleries

5 July 2018