ArtReview Asia Xiàn Chǎng prizewinner

selected from 25 artists featured in ArtReview Asia’s curated project for West Bund Art and Design, Shanghai

Hao Jingfang & Wang Lingjie, A Cube of Light, 2015, LED array, fresnel lens, aluminium profile, dimensions variable. Photo: Tong Cheng. Courtesy M ART CENTER, Shanghai

Hao Jingfang & Wang Lingjie have been selected as recipients of the ArtReview Asia Xiàn Chǎng Prize for their work A Cube of Light (2015), an immersive light and fog installation. The work was presented as part of a special project curated by the editors of ArtReview Asia for the West Bund Art and Design fair in Shanghai (9–13 November 2016), which featured 25 works by international artists operating in a variety of media, including large-scale sculpture, installation, moving image and performance. The two artists were selected by a jury of international curators, including Clara Kim, Daskalopoulos senior curator, International Art (Africa, Asia & Middle East) at Tate Modern and Hou Hanru, artistic director, MAXXI, Rome.

ArtReview Asia Xiàn Chǎng originates in the Chinese characters for ‘xiàn’ and ‘chǎng’, which together mean the scene (of a crime, accident, etc); (on) the spot; (at) the site. The artworks on show aimed to explore how context provides a contemporary artwork with added significance or validity – and how the ‘contemporary’ aspect of contemporary art is as much about space or place as it is about time. Artists showing at ArtReview Asia Xiàn Chǎng were invited to play with notions of context, in all four dimensions of space–time, and its ability to bring about meaning, both intended and unexpected, in their work.

ArtReview Asia Xiàn Chǎng was not only conceived as an extension of the magazine’s content, creation and ideas; but was a brand-new attempt to apply and integrate its initiatives within the diverse reality of Asia. 

Xiàn Chǎng featured the following artists (and their supporting galleries)

1. Bi Rongrong Vanguard Gallery

2. Laurent Grasso Edouard Malingue Gallery

3. Hao Jingfang & Wang Lingjie M Art Center

4. imagokinetics

5. Merlin James      Kerlin Gallery

6. Jin Shan  Bank

7. Lu Zhengyuan Hive Center for Contemporary Art

8. Haroon Mirza Lisson Gallery 

9. Simon Dybbroe Møller Laura Bartlett Gallery

10. Christopher Orr Ibid Gallery

11. Bagus Pandega ROH Projects

12. Philippe Parreno Gladstone Gallery

13. Qiu Anxiong Boers-Li Gallery

14. Qiu Xiaofei Pace Gallery

15. Sean Scully Timothy Taylor

16. Shanzhai Biennial Project Native Informant

17. Bosco Sodi Blain | Southern

18. Yutaka Sone      Tommy Simoens

19. Sion Sono OTA Fine Arts

20. Yi Xin Tong Vanguard Gallery

21. Wang Shang Magician Space

22. Wang Yi          Aike-Dellarco

23. Zhang Peili          Boers-Li Gallery

24. Zhang Ruyi              Don Gallery

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18 November 2016