Talk: Art of the Nation: Institutionalizing Culture

Join ArtReview and ArtReview Asia’s editor-in-chief Mark Rappolt at Art Basel Hong Kong on 24 March

With nativism and nationalism on the rise, to what extent does art in general and more specifically art in the context of national art institutions have a duty to help define or generate a national identity? If art is a universal language, what's the point of national schools and national galleries? Or are art's days as an expression of globalisation well and truly over? With a focus on the development of art institutions in East and Southeast Asia as well as the context of art institutions in general, the discussion will look at the intertwining ways in which art is used and perhaps abused as a tool to articulate difference and similarity

Speakers include: David Teh, assistant professor at National University of Singapore; Eve Tam, director of the Hong Kong Museum of Art; and Xiaoyu Weng, Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Associate Curator of Chinese Art. Moderated by Mark Rappolt, editor-in-chief of ArtReview and ArtReview Asia.

24 March, 3pm, Art Basel Hong Kong, Auditorium

The talk is part of ArtBasel Hong Kong’s 'Salon' and 'Conversations' programmes (more information here).

10 March 2017