Cynthia Daignault: There Is Nothing I Could Say That I Haven’t Thought Before

The artist's conceptual paintings push the limit of the medium one step further

By Scott Indrisek

Barbara Kruger, 2016, oil on canvas, 91 × 71 cm. Courtesy the artist There is nothing I could say that I haven’t thought before, 2017 (installation view). Photo: Object Studies. Courtesy Flag Art Foundation, New York

Flag Art Foundation, New York, 19 January – 13 May 2017Via the three complementary series on show here, Cynthia Daignault proposes a form of conceptual painting that doesn’t abandon craft, and even has room to reinvigorate fusty genre mainstays like the floral still life. The result is an exhibition that is cerebral without being obtuse – and one that offers a way forward for fellow artists who want to push the medium without murdering it outright. The sinew connecting these…

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