Sadie Barnette: Do Not Destroy

A distanced and tender investigation of the artist's father's FBI records

By Sam Korman

Untitled (Dad, 1966 and 1968), 2016, c-print, 102 × 117 cm (each), edition of 3 + 1AP. Courtesy the artist and Baxter St Camera Club of New York

Baxter St Camera Club of New York,18 January – 18 February 2017 Obtaining an FBI file is no simple task. Besides the arduous paperwork and patience required of government bureaucracy, the agency charges a dollar per page processing fee, which we might assume means we pay them a buck to redact and conceal information. Sadie Barnette applied for the FBI file of her father, Rodney Barnette, and the process imbues the document with emotional anticipation for what it might uncover.…

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