Thomson & Craighead: Wake Me Up When It’s Over

Time travel, nuclear countdown clocks and Google’s inhuman view of war

By Jonathan T.D. Neil

Thompson & Craighead, A Short Film About War, 2009, two-channel video projection, 9 min 39 sec. Courtesy Young Projects Gallery, Los Angeles

Young Projects, Los Angeles 27, January – 21 April To say that video or ‘moving-image’ art is at bottom ‘durational’ is to traffic in cliché, if not self-referential redundancy. Christian Marclay’s The Clock (2010) made this cliché into a magnum opus, mapping as it did an entire archive of the ‘talkies’ mentions and depictions of clock-time to the actual hours and minutes of a single day. It didn’t hurt that that archive belonged to Hollywood, which long held a monopoly on…

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