Jennifer Tee Structures of Recollection and Perseverance

Ben Eastham on liminal states, creative exchange and cultural appropriation

By Ben Eastham

Structures of Recollection and Perseverance, 2017 (installation view, Kunstraum, London). Photo: Tim Bowditch. Courtesy the artist and Galerie Fons Welters, Amsterdam

Kunstraum, London 1 July – 9 September At Camden Arts Centre, where an exhibition of Jennifer Tee’s work runs in parallel with her show at Kunstraum, a young man is reading a poem out loud. Two ribbed oval carpets are spread out on the floor in front of him like the patchwork wings of some handicraft flying machine, while the facing wall is lined with tulip petals arranged on paper to resemble a Sumatran textile design. The poem is by…

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