Zarouhie Abdalian Work

Jonathan Griffin on the politics of the human use of tools

By Jonathan Griffin

Zarouhi Abdalian, work from 'from Chalk Mine Hollow' series, 2017 Zarouhi Abdalian, Work, installation view. Image: courtesy the artist and LAXART, Los Angeles Zarouhi Abdalian, work from 'brunt' series, 2017

LAXART, Los Angeles, 30 July – 2 SeptemberWhere lies the distinction between the words ‘touch’ and ‘hit’? If you’re thinking that the difference is a question of impact, doesn’t it depend on the materials involved? Touching a butterfly’s wing with your finger is more damaging than hitting an elephant’s hide with your hand, for example. Are tactility and physical harm just two ends of a sliding sensorial scale?It’s an unsavoury thought, and I’m not entirely sure where it leads us,…

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