Ecological thinking and oceanic exploration

By Kimberly Bradley

Tue Greenfort, Tamoya Ohboya (detail), 2017, stainless steel table, Aurelia aurita, aquarium with technique, single-channel video projection of Chironex, dimensions variable. Photo: Jorit Aust. Courtesy TBA Contemporary Academy, Vienna

Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary Academy, Vienna 2 June – 19 November Six years ago, Francesca von Habsburg quietly launched TBA21-Academy – the ‘exploratory soul’ of her art foundation, TBA21. From the beginning, the Academy, founded as a small research team, was set on exploring our oceans and seas. On a vessel called the Dardanella, von Habsburg’s many sea expeditions have been manned by multidisciplinary teams consisting of invited artists, oceanographers, writers, curators and others (including von Habsburg herself) researching, engaging with…

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