Andrea Zittel

Lindsay Preston Zappas on the limits and potentials of the artist’s work

By Lindsay Preston Zappas

Andrea Zittel, Planar Pavilion, 2017 (installation view, A-Z West, Joshua Tree). Photo: Sarah Lyon. Courtesy Regen Projects, Los Angeles

Regen Projects, Los Angeles, and A-Z West, Joshua Tree, 8 June – 12 August It’s 40 degrees. A dry heat. A light wind rustles through the sagebrush. My dog – a city slicker – pants desperately as we walk through a desert field, ambling about Andrea Zittel’s new permanent installation of her Planar Pavilions series (2017). The works are installed on Zittel’s property at A-Z West – her studio, residency and life-project in the California high-desert next to Joshua Tree…

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