Philip Guston Laughter in the Dark, Drawings from 1971 & 1975

The artist’s drawings should be read as both political and artistic statements, says Gabriel Coxhead

By Gabriel Coxhead

Untitled (Poor Richard), 1971, ink on paper, 27 x 35 cm. © the estate of the artist. Courtesy the estate and Hauser & Wirth, London

Hauser & Wirth, London, 19 May – 29 July 2017In 1971 Philip Guston returned to the us from Italy, having spent half a year getting over the negative response to his latest show of paintings. His apparent rejection of abstraction in favour of a strange new figurative direction had elicited bafflement and anger from his New York peers and most critics, and Guston at this point could easily have been forgiven for reverting to his previous style. Instead, upon his…

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